Sony is Back

Very rarely will I give Sony or in general the Playstation brand props for doing anything right. I hate them. I acknowledge their importance to the gaming industry and what they have brought it, but for many reasons for which I will not get into I cannot stand anything Sony.

BUT I saw Sony’s new Playstation 3 commercial during The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode tonight and my jaw literally dropped. If reality was a cartoon, it would have hit the floor or if I was laying on the floor maybe in reality my jaw could have hit the floor…

Anyway, this video makes me want to own a PS3 for the hardcore games, amazing visuals, and basically the overall package that the Playstation 3 is offering. Not that I recommend buying a product based around a commercial. If I was a niave consumer then yes I would go out and buy one now.

Try not to fall into the trap after watching this commercial.

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