New PS3 model

Reported as a rumor earlier this week, Sony has now made it official that a new PS3 unit is on its way, at least in European territories. It sports a 40GB harddrive and lacks 2 USB ports, PS2 backwards compatibility, and does not have a multi-memory unit card port. This new unit will be released on October 10, 2007 at the price of €399 ($565).

It appears that Sony is phasing out the 60GB PS3 Starter Pack units as it will only remain in stock as long as it lasts. They lowered those prices to €499.

All of this has been made to please investors that have been hammered by Sony’s lack of PS3 sales. Their belief is that price is what has halted the PS3 from selling out – But as we all know it’s the games that count and the PS3 doesn’t have them (yet).

Sony Playstation 3

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