If you buy this – You need Help

Ugly Xbox 360 Controller Colors

The new Xbox 360 pink and blue colored controllers are FINALLY here… Fabulous. Now you can play with your controller as if it wasa crappy plastic chew toy.

If Microsoft really wanted to make new colors, make them cool. Everyone remember when clear white came out on the Nintendo 64? If you had one of those you were the shitz of the gamer community. Microsoft please learn from the past.

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3 thoughts on “If you buy this – You need Help”

  1. The blue one isn’t that bad. It would go nicely bundled with “Sonic Generations”. unless of course it already has. Is Nyko still making their airflow series on current Xbox360’s.? Also I was wondering if the original XBOX controllers can somehow function on the XB360 with some sort of adapter. I purchased a few years ago a Nyko airflow for XB classic. And would love to use it on my XBOX 360. In fact I never got a chance to use & kept it in the plastic it was sold in. Eventually my XBOX stopped reading disks. I suspect a malfunction in the DVD drive’s laser. At least it can still playback the music I saved onto it “oh well” shit happens.

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