E for All

E for All
If you need one more reason to attend this month’s E for All expo, here it is. I’ll not only be there – I’ll be a panelist on “I Made It!” We’ll be discussing how we broke into the video game industry, which will hopefully inspire our audience to figure out ways on how they too can break in. The conference will be held on Friday October 19, 2007 at 10:30AM-11:30AM.The best part about this convention is that it’s open to the public! Yes imagine E3 except ANYONE can come.

The panel moderator is Justin Lloyd. Justin is Founder & Director of Monkey Business for Infinite Monkey Factory, a game development studio based in Los Angeles. He also teaches math, physics and computer science to aspiring and professional game developers at colleges and universities.

AsdJames Portnow is a Game Designer at Activision and a regular columnist for NextGen magazine. He took his undergraduate degree with St. John’s College of Santa Fe and did his master’s work at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. He spent the intervening years studying music in Seattle Washington.

Jolex Del Pilar studied at the University of California – Berkeley, and at the Art Institute of California – San Francisco before entering the game industry as a software engineer at Point of View, Inc. He’s been interested in creating games since a very young age cutting his teeth on titles such as the original Castlevania, and the Legend of Zelda. Currently Jolex is working on a recently announced Unreal 3 based adventure/shooter for the next-gen consoles.

David Rodriguez, currently attending California State University Northridge, founded Packom Interactive as an outlet for indies to have their games marketed and distributed as low cost as possible. He is also developed a 3D space shooter, The Divine.

Sharan Volin is currently in career #3 as a game programmer, working for Infinite Monkey Factory, a small game company in Los Angeles. A little over 3 years ago, fed up with being a mostly-front-end web developer and wanting to move into game programming, she decided to take a chance and switch careers the best way she knew how – by going back to school. So she started school full time at the University of Southern California for a 2nd bachelors in Computer Science.

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