Awesome Ultimate Halo Package for sale on eBay – costs more than NASA budget.

Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360

Now, this is one deal that will satisfy anyone from an innocent 360 owner, to your grandma who’s interested in this new “Hello 3” game that’s all over the news. One eBay auction is for what appears to be the Ultimate Halo collection. Payment goes completely to charity, so everyone’s happy in this situation. Check out the auction for yourself!

The auction, whose current bid is $8,600 as of this writing contains the following goodness:

  • A Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 signed by the Devil, Bill Gates himself.
  • A 30GB Halo 3 edition Zune signed by the Vice-Devil J. Allard himself.
  • Two damned copies of Halo 3 (standard and Legendary!) as well as one copy of Halo, Halo 2 and that Halo 2 multiplayer pack they made.
  • Xbox 360 HD DVD player.
  • Rare special aluminum storage case with over $400 worth of accessories (two Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controllers with an exclusive Todd McFarlane Collectable Figurine, Messenger Kit, HDMI AV cable, extra 120 GB hard drive, and a Halo 3 T-shirt).

How can you resist such an awesome deal? Sell your house, car, wife and kids right away and buy this thing ASAP. You don’t get deals like this everyday (or money like this everyday)! Alright, the auction lasts till October 4th.

[Via Major Nelson]

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  1. yeah…thats a real signature. Not fake what-so-ever…riiiight…nice try. lawll epic ph4il

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