Sony Teaches Reviewers How To Do Their Job

Wow, thanks Sony. It is just what I asked for Santa!

The guy up there is IGN´s own Greg Miller, that in his hands is a Lair Review Guide that Sony sent him and many that, like Greg, reviewed Lair. (coincidentally they all gave the dragon flying game a “bad” score)

This move by Sony is not only desperate and completly riduculous, but it is also kind of offensive to the professionals that are being told what to do like the problem is with them and not with Lair.

2 thoughts on “Sony Teaches Reviewers How To Do Their Job”

  1. Oh yes, publishers often do so, but Sony´s thing for Lair is, apparently, a hefty guide saying what you should and should not do with the game and saying that somethings are not difficult, they are challenging, etc. talks a bit more about that and so does


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