Lord Vader, Transform!

Darth Vader both versions

Ever wondered what a Star Wars-Transformers mashup would look like? It will sure as hell look as friggin’ cool as this! What you see above, folks is the Hasbro Star Wars Transformer Deluxe Death Star which you can buy for only $50 at Amazon!

The Vader gadget we see electronic light and sounds, a Darth Vader pilot mini figure, 2 TIE Fighter mini vehicles and 3 Stormtrooper mini figures. The Rebels will not escape this time, since Hasbro hasn’t confirmed whether there will be a convenient hole in the toy to drop that proton torpedo in.

We’ve also laid our eyes on one awesome, but weird Chewbacca-Millenium Falcon Transformer, so you never know what’ll come next. I’d like to see what they do with R2D2 and C3PO. I mean, those are actually robots! Check out the photos below!

Death Star Transformer Darth Vader Transformer Chewbacca Transformer

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