James Bond + VGcats = Epic win

What happens when you take James Bond, VGcats style webcomics, sexual Innuendos and slap stick humor? Well if you do simple addition you get a really long name, but you can also get Double Oh. Double Oh is an awesome little webcomic about a Canadian secret agent named Semen… erm, Siemen. His job? Well just about the same as Jame Bond’s, save the world from insane scientific geniuses from ridiculously idiotic plans for world domination. The big difference is that Siemen seems to have a fetish for lasers and doesn’t seem to be as good at his job as Bond is. Bond infiltrates the secret bases without getting caught most of the time, Siemen kills all of the henchmen with his patented Laser Condom. It’s definitely worth a look if you love a good humorous comic, but not so much if you’re a big art snob.

[Via source: Double Oh!]

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