Halo Short #2

HALO, Halo, halo…? Can you hear me now?

The second live-action short from Weta studios is here. It’s action packed with real Warthog action. The only question is why is Weta releasing these videos? Are these promotional stunts to try and get studios to fund the Halo film project? I’d probably say yes.

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It’s very interesting how they’ve changed some things in the Halo universe. I mean obviously Halo is a violent and serious game, but at times there is comedy. Shooting at a Grunt and having it scream and runaway are the great moments that Halo 1 brought us. I love how these shorts make the war seem real, upclose, and brutal – but currently as they are only fans will truly enjoy them.

How will Weta open up the Halo series to non-gamers? Does it even have to bother to try and get non-fans into this film series considering Halo 2 sold $125 million in its first day.

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on these questions!

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