My Repaired 360 is IN

Green Ring of Light

I received my repaired Xbox 360 yesterday at 6pm. I opened it up to find the, as promised, 1 month free Xbox Live gamer card. After unwrapping the console I looked for the dent that my system had and it wasn’t there. No I didn’t receive someone else’s Xbox 360, I received a brand-new one! Microsoft appears to be fixing the Ring of Death issue by sending newly manufactured systems that fix the heat sync issue.

When I powered up the system I could barely hear it running! If you remember turning on your 360 for the very first time when you got it a year ago, it sounded like a beast. Whatever Microsoft did it seems to have worked. I haven’t played any games with the console other than demos off the harddrive, but I’ve left the system on for six hours straight as I downloaded more demos and the system worked like a charm.

I noticed however that when laying the system on its side and running it for hours, the side touching the floor was still very hot, while the opposite side was relatively cool. My suggestion for all you 360 owners out there is to stand your console up when you use it. This way you can get maximum airflow in and out of the system on both sides of the console.

Personally I’m going try and to keep my Xbox 360 off to the side rather than in my media center cabinet.

It took me four posts to cover this repairing event and I’m sad to see this saga come to an end. In total the whole process was 1 month and 1 day.

Considering that Microsoft has extended the warranty to three years, I might break my console on purpose to get the new hardware 3 years from now. Who knows how much Microsoft will have improved the 360’s architecture by that time.

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