My 360 is COMING!

Oh the joy! An automated UPS phone call came through today saying someone has to be at the house to sign for the package tomorrow! Low and behold the package is coming from Texas aka the Xbox 360 repairment center! You can read all my previous posts on this annoying topic Shipping Xbox 360 and Fix My 360. It only took 11 days from the time when my Xbox 360 arrived at the repair center to the time it was shipped back to me. I’m amazed at how quickly Microsoft was able to fix the problem. Now the question is, is this a short-term fix or I’m I good to go for life? I mean my Genesis still works after 15 years of loyal service, why can’t my Xbox 360 work after less than 1 year!

Don’t bother saying oh the Genesis is simple technology – it wasn’t back in the day!

I wish that was mine

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