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I’m sure that’s the question that all American families go through… I know it’s a tough decision but apparently Sega wants people to eat at its arcades… Read on for the full press release.

Sega Entertainment USA, Inc. is ready to compete in the casual dining arena. The company, which operates five different restaurant concepts nationally inside its GameWorks chain of entertainment locations, is confident that their restaurants can compete with other casual dining establishments. What is their edge? According to Clint Manny, Senior Vice President of Marketing, the answer is simply, “More.”

“We offer more than the typical restaurant,” stated Manny. “We know that our restaurant experience and food quality compete with those in traditional casual dining, but we truly offer our guests more. Take the guest experience at any other casual dining competitor, it’s a drink, an appetizer, a meal, dessert (maybe) and out the door…… with great restaurants, bars, entertainment, sports viewing and interactive games and attractions that can’t be duplicated at home, we give guests more of everything they want – and they won’t have to leave to get it. We will succeed by providing excellent food quality, delivering exciting new food and beverage programs, unique entertainment and establishing in consumer minds that more is better at the Grill in GameWorks.”

The company has taken great strides to get it right. In October 2006 the company partnered with strategic marketers Rand, Inc. ( www.randinc.cc ) to analyze the company, the brand, and the consumers who use GameWorks. It became clear what direction the company needed to move. “We determined our stake in casual dining was not sharp enough,” said Ben Kitay, President / COO of Sega Entertainment USA Inc., “We needed to elevate the dining experience, let more people know about it, and deliver unmatched quality and guest service.” The company is now positioning the chain with “Hungry For More”. “You have to remember why we are doing this” said Kitay, “while we have never really been just an arcade, we haven’t really fully leveraged our restaurant strength. We have great food product and no one knows about it!” The positioning implies food, but Kitay listened to the obvious consumer trend – “Consumers want more from life, more from their every day, and more from their entertainment and dining experience – we have that!”

In January, GameWorks tested an internal program called “Sauce It To Me”. Featuring 13 new menu items with signature sauces, guests were able to choose a number of items that fit their taste profile. “We have had a great response”, said Pat Hart, Senior Vice President, Operations. “You see it in a number of casual dining chains, and there is a reason for that. We are all giving guests the power to choose, the power to decide. They like that power. They are more in control of their dining experience, and with our environment and entertainment experience, we provide more.”

Next up for the Sega Entertainment chain, “Ctrl Alt Eat”, a lunch program to be tested in California beginning July 2nd. The program is targeted at lunch professionals and will feature a menu that is entirely new to the GameWorks brand, designed to “restart” the consumer’s day.

Created in part, by restaurant concept and menu design group, The Next Idea, (who has managed over 100 restaurant / café openings and launched 12 new concepts in the US, UK and Israel), the menu will feature Panini’s, grilled sandwiches, noodle bowls and salads. The items were constructed to meet the needs of today’s lunch market – fast, healthy and re-nourishing. After the initial test period, GameWorks will launch the program in the remaining 12 venues across the United States.

“Ctrl-Alt-EAT is a new avenue for us to compete in the lunch business. Traditionally, we have always done the majority of our business on weekends,” Manny stated. “The food on this menu is incredible. Business professionals looking for a fast, healthy and unique menu will find it at our restaurants.”

In addition, starting July 9, GameWorks will be heating up summer with a national grill program called “All Fired Up”. Just in time for National Grilling Month (July), the menu will feature 9 new items straight from the grill. Burgers, steaks, kabobs and sandwiches are the stars of the program. All Fired Up will reemerge in late September, newly themed out, encouraging guests to get “All Fired Up” for football season. With online contests at ( www.gameworks.com ), guests will compete and enter to win a new home grill, great prizes from their restaurants, and an instant “scratch & win” promotional program, Manny feels Sega Entertainment and GameWorks are on the right track to compete in the casual dining category.

This push in to the casual dining segment at the restaurants within GameWorks is just the start for Sega Entertainment. In July, SEUI will unveil their new concept, World Sports Grille. Opening first in Detroit, Michigan inside GameWorks at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall, and then in August, downtown Seattle GameWorks, the World Sports Grille is poised to be a home run for adults, families and sports fans alike. “We wanted to create the ultimate sports grille”, Kitay said. “We will have games from around the world and games from around the block – with the best food and entertainment you can’t find anywhere else. We listened to our guests when we opened our Arena concept last year. We asked them what the wanted. The answers we received helped build the World Sports Grille concept – it’s the perfect marriage of corporate growth and consumer support. The plan is to grow this chain aggressively throughout the United States, giving guests a unique casual dining restaurant with a sports theme that delivers a world of entertainment experiences”

Sega Entertainment USA, Inc. continues to invest in the “Hungry For More” positioning for its GameWorks Brand. With new properties, new concepts and great food, SEUI wants everyone to know they are here and ready to compete for the casual dining dollar. “We’re ready to deliver more”, said Manny. “We are ready to give consumers what they want, when they want it. We are confident in our growth strategy. You’ll be seeing a lot more of us – this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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  1. I actually just ate at a Gameworks a couple weeks ago. It’s overpriced and really not that good, but we needed to do something to bide the time before 9 o’clock when the ten dollars for three hours deal started.

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