Hitman 3-in-1

Hitman Compilation

Eidos has just announced that they’re releasing a new Hitman compilation set! Hitman Trilogy, available for PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and PC-DVD, will feature Hitman: Blood Money, Hitman: Silent Assassin, and Hitman: Contracts along with a sneak preview bonus disc of Eidos’ upcoming thriller Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

“Hitman Trilogy is a seriously intense dose of gaming,” says David Bamberger, marketing manager, Eidos North America. “The three game set will show just how controversial and innovative the action and stealth gaming genre remains. Players new to the series are in for quite a shock.”

The popular Hitman series puts gamers in the role of the infamous Agent 47, a killer for hire. Armed with an arsenal of weapons and the ability to take advantage of all the dangers found in an everyday environment, Agent 47 will do anything to complete a contract signed in blood. Featuring open-ended action gameplay and an immersive and dark storyline, each game brings players deeper into a ruthless world filled with cold-blooded revenge.

Included with the trilogy is the Kane & Lynch: Dead Men bonus disc – crammed with trailers, art, and screens – that offers gamers a glimpse into the sinister world of this upcoming game. Developed by Io Interactive, the award-winning studio behind the Hitman series, this new game introduces Kane and Lynch, a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath, who are on a violent and chaotic journey towards an end no one can imagine.

Hitman Trilogy is in stores across North America for $29.99 USD on June 20, 2007 for PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and PC-DVD.

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