Myst Online: Uru Live Goes Episodic

Myst Online: Uru Live

GameTap is taking its exploration and puzzle-driven massively multiplayer online game “Myst Online: Uru Live” to the next level. Being a leader in episodic gaming, GameTap is applying this successful model to the dynamic world of Uru. This new gaming approach enables players to schedule each month around when the latest updates are going live, while also providing a solid window of time to delve into the existing content more deeply.Beginning on Saturday, May 19th, all of the future episodes’ content and story (e.g. new Ages, pages, clothing, character interaction, story revelations, artifacts and intrigue) will be released within a single week each month.

In “Scars,” the first of the new episodes, the D’ni Restoration Council (DRC) is preparing to grant Explorers access to the never-before-seen Age of Minkata, but calamity arrives when someone close to them dies. The effects of this tragedy will change the course of the restoration forever. Minkata features a vast landscape with hours of unique gameplay that can be enjoyed as a single player or multi-player experience.

To celebrate the launch of the new episodic content, Myst Online’s creator Rand Miller and various members of the Cyan Worlds development studio will be hosting an in-game event to interact with players and take part in a casual Q&A.

Details as follows:
What: Rand Miller In-Game Meet-&-Greet
Date: Thursday 5/24
Time: 6pm PST/9pm EST
Location: A Beginner’s Bevin

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