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The days of paying for a subscription are over! Well sort of. The current $9.99/month subscription based program GameTap is planning on releasing a free version based on an ad revenue model on May 31, 2007. With over 850 titles it’s great to see GameTap allowing gamers who don’t want to pay to play a route to getting their game on with their titles. As of right now there will be only 30 games available for the free users including Metal Slug, Joust, Rampage, Robotron 2084 and others. These will be weekly to monthly rotated with advertising before and after the game.

Currently each week, GameTap has added new titles to its lineup since its launch. GameTap also has original videos, which the majority of which are currently free to watch.



We’ve received the official press release from GameTap and here’s an amazing note for all you Tomb Raider fans out there:
The first game that will be launched in GameTap’s new day-and-date subscription play and digital retail model features video gaming’s leading lady in her latest adventure, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Through a “game changing” deal with publisher Eidos, GameTap will make the title available to its paying subscribers and for purchase at’s new digital retail store on the same date it hits U.S. retail shelves.

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