E3: Game Over


If I were to say there were only 400 exhibitors at least years E3 – how many do you think are going to be there this year? After the decision to downgrade E3 and bring it back to its roots, the newly named E3 Media & Business Summit will only have 32 exhibitors this year!

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though considering who the exhibitors are: 1C Company, Activision, Akella, Atari, Atlus, Buena Vista Games (now Disney Interactive Studios), Capcom, Codemasters, Crave Entertainment, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Konami, LucasArts, Majesco, Microsoft, Midway, Namco Bandai Games, NCsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, Square Enix, Take-Two Interactive, THQ, Ubisoft, Vivendi Games, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Sadly StuffWeLike.com has yet to be invited to the event so I can’t say: stay tuned for more information when we cover the event. Worst part of all StuffWeLike.com is literally located right next to Santa Monica, California – where E3 will be held this year. 🙁

Source: ShackNews.

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