Too Human or not human enough?

For those of you fans who were around when David and I were doing weekly Podcasts you might remember me raving about a 360 title named Too Human. The game is Silicon Knights’(creators of Gamecube Lovecraftian title Eternal Darkness newest title. The game follows the Cyber-god Baldur, who is indeed the Norse god Baldr(god of peace amongst other things), who fights along side his brothers and father to stop a horde of giant Robots who aim to kill all of the humans. The game is very much tied to Norse Mythology, both in story, characters, and art style, but the big difference is the cyber-punk flair of sorts.

But I digress, the reason why I’m making this article is because since that Podcast the development’s fallen to the shadows, or as Denis Dyack puts it, the Ice Bucket. At last year’s E3 Silicon Knights rushed to get a playable version of the game out to spur hype, and that’s exactly what it was, rushed. The game suffered from frame rate issues, an underdeveloped Camera system, and intentionally brain dead enemy AI. The game slipped from the spotlight that it got from a then recent issue of EGM. I bring you to 2007, where the game’s starting to show promise again.

Videos pop up of the refined game, interviews start again, and the Silicon Knights Blog comes back to life. Videos of a now refined camera control system appear, along with fast and fluid videos of Too Human’s Baldur fighting the robotic menace. The beautiful scenery that was shown in the February EGM issue once again shows itself. There’s no release date for the game as of right now, but the game shows much promise so far. I congratulate Silicon Knights and Mr. Dyack on hanging in there to bring us gamers another beautiful story driven title. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

A little more Too Human for those interested

Too Human

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