OBJECTION… wait, scratch that.

Today Capcom held their annual Gamer day in San Francisco. As usual they took the time to announce several titles for the upcoming year, along with other big announcements. Amongst the announcements was Lost Planet going to the PC, a Harvey Birdman game for the PSP, and the official announcement of the third Gyakuten Saiban game(AKA Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) being released in america under the title Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Trials and Tribulation.

Much more was announced, but I gotta say these Attorney games are what really caught my attention. I loved the original Phoenix Wright, along with the sequel, and Harvey Birdman’s just beyond awesome. I just hope that Harvey Birdman ends up being a more adult Phoenix Wright instead of some boring Platformer or something of that nature.

A few more big announcements from Gamer Day 2007.

Resident Evil 4 Wii

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