The Magic Kid 1 & 2 (-)

Wow amazing fantastic. Remember in the 90s how every and any kid movie was somehow ninja related. Remember those movies where the adults can’t fight for beans and all the kids kick their asses? Well The Magic Kid series is no different, but the fact of the matter is that these two films are horrible. The first one is the kind of movie that leaves a stench in your mouth. While its sequel is just as bad, it’s the type of film that makes you chuckle at its crappy quality. For some reason Howie Mandel and William Daniels make an appearance in the sequel.

Both films have no idea who their target audience is. Within the first 15 minutes in the first film they are talking about sex. Considering that this movie is meant for young kids, do you really think that sex should be mentioned anywhere?

These two films are the types of film that you ask yourself: where’s the remote? But then you realize that you’re too lazy to find it so you keep on watching. After half an hour passes by you either fall asleep or start throwing something at the screen to try and break it – as if you are destroying the film. Sadly all that you’re doing is destroying a perfectly fine TV that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Eat it.

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