If you’re a FireFox user, like I am, then you might know one of the best features is it’s great series of extensions. Well a great little feature has recently hit the fox and I suggest you check it out. It’s called StumbleUpon. It’s quite a simple little extension. You install it, either from their site, or from FireFox’s extension site, and input what you’re interested in. From then on you simple hit the “Stumble!” button in your toolbar and it’ll give you a site that fits those preferences everytime. If you like it, hit the thumbs up, if you don’t, hit the thumbs down. If you have a site you like a lot, like SWL, simply say “I like it!” and, if it’s not in the stumble system, it’ll allow you to add it to their site.

You just might find that sites you already use are on stumble upon and you just might stumble upon them again.

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