LARPing AND God of War? Surely you jest.

I wish I were joking about it, but it’s true, as sad as it is. To promote Sony’s new game, God of War II, SCEA put together a little LARPing(Live Action Role Playing, think D&D minus the dice, plus the foam swords) event staring some of the stars of the God of Wars games, and just some that are fun. You get to pit 10 different characters against each other, ranging from mythological classics such as the Medusa, Colossus of Rhodes, and Zeus, to Sony originals such as Kratos, and Chubby Kratos.

The battles range from sad, to train crashes, to hilarious. Watch it, you might want to look away, but it’s like a Pringle. Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.

Quick! Cast +4 hilarity!

2 thoughts on “LARPing AND God of War? Surely you jest.”

  1. Wow I had no idea what the hell you just wrote, but when I went to the site I was like um yeah – is this a viral marketing site by Sony? Very um interesting…

  2. Yeah, the last time they made one was for Shadow of the Colossus. Unfortunately that didn’t go over to well. It just trailed off for no reason.

    Check it out sometime if you want. Google Giantology.

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