Why don’t people want free content?

Promoting The Pipeline multimedia player has been much more difficult than what I originally thought it would have been. I explain to webmasters that they can get free video and audio content, but the majority turn their heads in the opposite direction. Why is that? We’ve changed the name from StuffWeLike.com Multimedia Player to first off something more easier to remember – The Pipeline, and secondly to something that didn’t advertise StuffWeLike.com in its name.

Right now we have 3 video game websites that have the multimedia player on their websites. I’ve contacted tons of websites through both forums and using instant messanging programs. Neither way seems to really work that well.

My goal isn’t to have every website in the world using this player. I’m looking to gain a core group of websites that want video and audio content on their websites. Obviously video and audio content is the wave of the future so why is it that people don’t seem all the interested in this program?

Author: DaveWeLike

I'm the editor of StuffWeLike.com.

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