This Week on: Lost – Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Finally an episode that didn’t suck. Yes the story in this episode didn’t really mean anything to the overall plot, but it was a fun Hurley episode none the less. I needed something more than just seeing Jack in a jail cell and this episode provided that. Hopefully this is the episode to take Lost out of its third season slump of crappy and dull episodes. Previously the best moment in this season was in the first episode when we saw the Others watching the plane crash. How long did this scene last? Oh for only a couple of minutes. A couple of good minutes does not make for an entirely good season. If only we could have a season like season 1 again…

I’d also like to point out that this was the first full-length episode of any television series that I’ve seen online rather than watching on TV! I only had to sit through one commercial because I wasn’t fast enough to click to the next segment before the commercial loaded.

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