Fantastic Four 2 TV Spot

Could a sequel be better than the first movie?

Can a sequel be better than the first movie?

It appears that it can. If Fantastic Four 2 proves to be as hilarious as this one-linear joke Marvel fans will rejoice for they will have two great movies (including Spiderman 3) coming later this year. You can find the TV Spot at here.

Overall I liked Fanastic Four, but it did have several flaws. Hopefully this sequel can improve upon it…

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4 thoughts on “Fantastic Four 2 TV Spot”

  1. I think the special effects will be what makes Fantastic Four 2 worth watching.

    The Silver Surfer looks Awesome!


  2. Hi prodigaldan

    Welcome to the blog! How did you find out about SWL?

    When I first saw the Silver Surfer I wasn’t that impressed but this trailer has definitely improved my feelings.

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