Brand-new Must See footage of The Divine

After several months of no major public announcements, the development team at Packom Interactive uploaded major content changes on A teaser trailer, new screenshots, concept artwork, and wallpapers have all been released.

“For 30 days featured a countdown clock, marking a deadline that was just as exciting to us as it was gamers,” said Executive Producer David Rodriguez. “We’re proving to the world that even though we are an independent game development studio, we can still create shockwaves in the industry.”

While /The Divine/ is still a work in progress, gamers can now get a better feel of what to expect. In total 12 new screenshots, a teaser trailer, 4 concept artworks, and 8 wallpapers have been uploaded.

Expect even more updates in the coming weeks.

*About /The Divine/*
The battlefield of space is lit brightly with the fires of war for the Colonial Federation. Between attacks from the Confederation and their mutual enemy The Fleet, Lieutenant Zeke Auris is just a man trying to stay alive. Drafted into the war, his only goal is to see the day the battles are done. But fate has a different idea in store for Zeke when he stumbles upon one of the greatest mysteries that may lead to mankind’s peace… or destruction.

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