Primeval (-)

A serial killer terrorizes Africa for years. Turns out this serial killer is a croc. Crikey!

There’s a lot to say about crappy movies – they’re crappy. Primeval is no exception to this rule. Why would you ever see this movie? In my case my friends wanted to see it even though I told them that it was bad. 10 minutes into the movie I asked them if they wanted to jump over to another theater that was showing Children of Men and we all agreed to leave. That was the best part of the movie.

Unlike bad movies that are funny such as Snakes On A Plane, Primeval is just a poorly made movie that begs the question how the hell did this movie get made? A killer crocodile in Africa sounds like a great idea that would make a thrilling movie (note the sarcasm). The movie has sucky actors who are in a sucky movie. There is nothing worthwhile here.

Avoid at all costs!

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