Deal or No Deal (+)

Deal or No Deal is obviously a game that is trying bank on the new TV Show on NBC. This game show features Howie Mandel and has players randomly guessing which suit case out of the 26 total has a low amount of money in it. The idea is to be left with the highest amount possible.

Deal or No Deal is effective in sucking the player into a gambling addiction. It’s frustrating when you knock off $1 million. It’s also relieving when you knock off $0.01!

The graphics are relatively clean with minor annoyances here and there such as all the “case holding” girls looking very similar. It appears that the developer Cat Daddy Games simply reused the same model and made minor changes such as the hair, skin color, etc.

This is the sort of game that needs to be played in a social environment to get longevity out of it. The game does feature some mini-games, but none of them are nearly as fun as the actual game.

The biggest problem with this game is its price tag of $19.99. Don’t bother picking this game up until it’s at most $9.99. If you’re a fan of the Deal or No Deal TV show, the video game is just as good.

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