New Super Mario Bros. (+)

Mario is definitely back in his old-school goodness form! Of course he still has to save Princess Peach – what else is new?

If the DS is trying to be a handheld gaming system that bridges the market between hardcore and casual gamers, New Super Mario Bros. is the game is a game that not only old and new Mario fans will enjoy but also hardcore and casual gamers. There’s just something about this game that screams play me! Whether its the cutesy graphics or the extremely well-rounded gameplay, this is a game that competes for best Mario game ever.

While Super Mario 64 brought Mario into the realm of 3D, New Super Mario Bros. takes the series back down a notch into 2D gameplay mixed with 3D sprites. The world of Mario has never looked so good! From its vibrant colors to its well-animated characters, this Mario game stands out above all DS games.

As one of the main features of the DS is the touch screen, New Super Mario Bros. does use it to a good extent. While for the most part the game uses the touch screen as a score counter, there are tons of side mini-games that use the touch screen. A good amount of these mini-games were featured in Super Mario 64 DS, but now feature some distinct upgrade such as improved graphics.

The sound in this game is superb. This is one of the few handheld games where you want to blast the music so that everyone around you wants to see what you’re playing!

New Super Mario Bros. takes its roots mostly from the NES and SNES versions of Mario. If there is one Mario game that you have to play on the DS it’s New Super Mario Bros. There’s just no competition to it. It takes old-school gameplay and revamps so that the game does not feel like a rehash.

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