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Ever raced with a real sense of speed and drifting? Ok it has been done before, but PGR3 is the most enjoyable simulation racing game around the block.

As history has taught us, launch titles can either make or break a system. Thankfully Project Gotham Racing 3 does not do the latter. With its stylistic gameplay and gorgeous graphics Bizarre Creations, the developer, has proven why the Xbox 360 can stand strong.

What makes PGR3 stand out among the crowd is its drifting system. In previous versions players had to work their way up to receive the powerful cars, but thankfully PGR3 starts the player off with a great lineup of cars – we’re talking Class A! Each car presents is own challenges in mastering the way it steers. This actually might be where gamers either like or dislike the game. Choosing the right car to use and learning how to control it takes time.

There is no ‘pimp my ride’ gameplay, which considering the beautiful cars that are pre-packaged in the game – it doesn’t matter! The game does feature both 2 player multiplayer and online play with up to 8 players total. While sometimes the online play lags, it’s overall a great experience. Online play is definitely great for those who do not want to play against AI opponents whom usually tend to be either too easy or too difficult. Of course with the online play there are plenty of trash-talkers and cheaters.

The visuals in the game are breathtaking. With its high-definition graphics, screen blur techniques, and overall high-polygon and well textured models PGR3 is a treat to look at. Racing through cities such as London, New York, and Tokyo is stunning every time.

The music is a mixture of random genres such as classical, punk, rock, etc. Thankfully there is the option of playing music off of the Xbox 360 harddrive.

All in all PGR3 is a fantastic game that greatly improves upon its predecessors. While its single-player can get a little boring, experiencing the game online makes this game a racer that arcade and simulation fans will love!

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