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An inventor creates a machine, named Edward, with a heart, but dies before he can give it proper hands. Edward lives a life of solitude until one day a makeup saleswoman takes him out into the real world.

Edward Scissorhands is not the type of movie that you would want to watch over and over again till your mind can’t take it anymore. It’s a movie that you can revisit years after your last watch and still enjoy the zany characters and story. Just today I decided to revisit this Tim Burton world.

It is a timeless story about love ala Beauty and the Beast. What differentiates this movie from the pack is the style that it is brought forth in. The whole package has been skillfully assembled from the story, to set designs, and even the music. It is one of the few films where you care about all of the characters.

The set designs are gorgeous ranging from the Goth style (Edward’s Mansion) to the suburban lifestyle of the 1960s-1970s. The movie plays off of these two different worlds so well. From jokes to emotional disconnection the world that surrounds these characters is as real as life itself.

The composer, Danny Elfman, has scored some amazing music. It fits the style of the movie so well. It helps the viewer imagine the world from Edward’s innocent point of view.

Even to date there still has yet to be a movie like this. Yes it bares resemblance to Night Mare Before Christmas and other Tim Burton films, but its world still remains unique. The creativity that has gone into this film has and forever will make this film stand the test of time.

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