BlockHeads Clash (+)

Venture to a strange place inside cartoon labyrinths where the only weapon is your head, literally.

Think the PC needs fun arcade action games? Well Out The Box Software has developed just the game for you! BlockHeads Clash brings the player into a creative and colorful world that not only looks good, but is actually fun to play.

With up to 4 players and over 12 stages in 3 worlds, it’s a quality game. The presentation from the music to all the menus, fit the style of the game world. Even though the characters are all made out of blocks, they are unique and look great.

The gameplay itself consists of the player smashing their Cube guy’s head on the floor to knock down their enemies or break crates. Every time they smash their head the Cube guy’s energy level goes down. This provides an interesting twist to the gameplay as it limits the amount of times you can smash the Cube guy’s head before dieing. Of course occasionally the enemies and crates have energy boosts.

The stages are divided up into sections, where the player has to find the location of a key to unlock a certain door. The keys can be found by smashing enemies, crates, or solving puzzles. The puzzles in the game are very simplistic. Most of them include some form of button that the player has to find and smash.

The most amazing thing is that this game can run extremely well even on old machines. Yes I’m talking about Windows 2000 on a 1ghz processor!

This is an absolute charming game that I highly recommend to anyone who loves old school platform/action-adventure games. Its simplistic controls make it easy to play for all ages. For under $10 it’s a great bargain that is available on both the Mac and the PC.

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