The lessons learned from Halloween

AMC (TV Channel – not theater) has been showing scary movies for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been recording some of the major ones. Of course this includes the Halloween series. The first Halloween movie was amazing and the second one wasn’t nearly as good. I watched the third film today only to find out that it has nothing to do with the previous two films. How does one go from a crazy invincible pyscho killer to robots? Seriously where is the continuity?

There was a four year break between the release of the second film and the release of the third film and killer robots was the best story that they could come up with! It seemed like the writers wanted to make Halloween into a science-fiction mystery series where any story can be told and the only thing in common would be the title itself Halloween. The Halloween theme song snuck in occassionally though. But the worst part was when a TV played in the background and it played a trailer for the original Halloween movie. Seriously what is this!?

I bring this up not only because Halloween is right around the corner, but when you’re writing a story for your game think about the future. Think about the possibility that the game sells well and you want to create a sequel. Know ahead of time where you would take the series, but please do not destroy the vision that the original game had! If you’re going to do that you might as well call it a brand new game. I know brand-name is a huge thing, but don’t sell out like the Halloween series did.

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