PS3 Doomed?

With the recent announcement of not only a lower quantity of shipments and the delay of launch across Europe, is the PS3 Doomed?

Short term yes but we all new that to begin with.

Long term is almost impossible to predict.

There are so many variables with this machine that could change the outcome. Yes the PS3 will do fine, but who knows how well it will sell. Hardcore as well as mainstream gamers will eventually buy a PS3 once it reaches a price point of $300 (for the high-end package).

Mainstream gamers will not be buying the PS3 for at least the first year that it comes out. The costs of the hardware as well as the games will be too high when compared with the Xbox 360 and Wii. Plus the wider selection of games that these two consoles will have is another factor not in Sony’s favor.

People like brand names and the PS3 will be a hot item this holiday season but gamers will go elsewhere if they cannot find the consoles. This will hurt developers tremendously. Be prepared for major staff reductions. Come February/March 07 if the PS3 is still out of stock be prepared for PS3 development support to decrease and move onto other platforms.

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