How to Destroy Your Audience

Now this is really easy!

#1: Send out newsletters 5x a day

#2: Make crappy games

#3: Don’t answer their support questions

#4: Have a buggy game released at launch

#5: Release spyware on their computer as they install your game

#6: Have pop-up ads, for other websites (especially porn) when they visit your company website. This is saying that you are not making a porno game.
#7: Make your plays pay $24.99 in monthly subscriptions to your online game that you never add content to

#8: Never update the status of your games on your website

#9: Have horrible Voice Actors voice your characters. Include background noise, static, and any puffs that they make when they are speaking.

#10: Sell your newsletter subscriber’s email addresses to a 3rd party company.

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