Everything Takes Time

I’ve been writing in this blog for about 3 months now and as you can see very few people have commented on my posts. Does that mean my blog is unsuccessful? Possibly, but at the same time I see my hits are doing steady numbers. Should I measure success by the amount of money that I’ve made? Well that’s a no no. I haven’t made much, only a couple of dollars and even if I do have a ton of hits there’s no reason that doesn’t mean that I will be making more money.

The best way I think to measure success is to hear colleagues say, ‘I like your blog’ etc. As long as you please a core audience you’re successful.

Finding a base of users and never letting go of them is the only way you can grow. Treat these few people with respect and hopefully they’ll recommend your product somewhere along the way!

Being an indie developer, you must always be able to have time. Time is what you need to grow. Over time you will make better products. Over time your audience will grow. As long as you can afford more time the better off you’ll be.

Now if you make crappy products, well you just screw up this entire formula… Please don’t do that.

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