The Divine – 2D, 3D, Sound Effect Artists WANTED

We’re currently looking for more volunteers to join this project. If you’re interested please read below –  

Company (Registered):
Packom Interactive

Project name:
The Divine

Brief description:
The Divine is an indie-space shooter game, much to the likes of Wing Commander. The project was started by James Sharam in April 2005.

Target aim:
Shareware – TBD 2007
We’re planning on selling a Boxed version and a download version, which would be sold at various portals.

These are all volunteer based positions. All positions will receive a free copy of the game along with being credited for their appropriate role on the team.

The 2D and 3D artists will receive a monthly royalty-based payment, if the game sells.

Since we aren’t asking for many sound effects the Sound Effect Artist position will not receive royalties.

The first month is a trial month to see if you do contribute to the project, as well as get along with the rest of the team members. Once you’re approved for that first month, you’ll need to sign a contract stating the agreed upon terms.

The Divine uses our own proprietary engine, which is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and soon to be released Vista.

Talent needed:
Highly motivated and talented, self-reliant members only!

3D Artists (Modeler, Texture Artist [Bump & Normal Mapping], Animator/Renderer*)
There will be roughly 10-15 ships modeled in game. Each will need its appropriate textures with bump mapping and normal mapping.

*If we find an Animator, we’ll have you create 3D pre-rendered cutscenes, using the in-game models, rather than doing the 2D storyboards.

2D Artists (Conceptual, Color, Orthographic & Perspective)
The 2D artists have to deal with designing the ships and characters (Humans). Ideally they can also create texture maps and sky maps. When the time is ready they will also contribute to storyboards, which act as the cut-scenes, and any marketing artwork that’s needed.

Sound Effects Artist
Roughly 8 sound effects will be needed, some loopable. All of the sounds will be space-age, everything from ship noises to firing missiles.

Team structure:
David Rodriguez – Producer, Game Designer, Marketing Director, Webmaster
I joined this project in June 2005. I’ve worked with James to ensure that The Divine is a game that we’d both want to play.

James Sharam – Lead Programmer, Game Designer
James began this project back in April 2005. Without him The Divine wouldn’t exist.

Chris Hackett – Game Designer, Mission Designer
Chris joined the project in July 2005. He has dealt with fleshing out the story/universe of The Divine.

Jason Ross – 2D Artist
Jason joined in January 2006. He has been able to draw in a style that’s nearly identical to the previous concept artists.

Justin R. Durban – Composer, WebDesigner
Justin join the project in January 2006. He has really been able to bring out the theme of the game in music form.

Previous Members:
Brian Hall – 3D Artist
Brian had to leave to team due to Sony’s policy of working the Q/A department to death. He helped the team from January-August 2006.

Website: – WIP

Please send your resume and/or questions to:

Additional Info:
We officially announced The Divine to the public on June 1, 2006 and we have received tons of coverage on various websites.

We use email, forum, and MSN Messenger to communicate with each other daily.

Any feedback is welcomed

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