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And that brings me to my next tale… Dedication.

On your way to becoming a famed developer you’re going to have one tough time finding people who are as dedicated to the project as you are. If you don’t pay your teammates, finding volunteers in itself is a painfully slow process.

The best way to go about this is to complete as much work on your own as you can. Write the story, do some priminary artwork, write the Design Documents, etc. From there you’ve showed people that you are serious and dedicated to the project.

Some of the best people to work on volunteer projects are either students or grad students. These are the people who want their resume to be full of as many things as possible and will work for free as long as they get credit. Obviously if you sell the product in the end you should pay them royalties.

No member on your team should be working for the prospect of receiving a handsome amount of cash. It probably won’t happen. The best way to see if you found a good teammember is to put them on probation for a month. Give them a good amount of tasks and make sure that they complete every single one. This way you’ll be able to see if they are serious and can devote enough time to the project to be a good asset.

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