Spy Kids 3D: Game Over

It’s AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I actually think that this movie could have been more decent then it is if there were no 3D effects in it! I mean if you want to see good 3D go to Disney World! The effects are just so lame in this movie! You’re at least expecting a hand to be right up in your face, but nothing happens, its just one huge gimmick!

The ending was the worst! Everyone from all the Spy Kids movies came back to help out, but none of them actually do anything as they didn’t show any of them fighting! It was just here are the glasses you go fight while I stay on the ground looking all cool with these glasses! The parents of these kids don’t even show up till the end of the movie and that is only for 5 seconds!

The worst part about this movie is that you have to follow Juni Cortez, played by Daryl Sabara, and not Carmen Cortez, played by Alexa Vega, the character that everyone actually likes. Cameron is really in this movie for about 5 minutes while only having less than 10 lines to say!

While making fun of the Matrix, Spy Kids 3D falls into the Matrix 2’s curse of being a crappy movie with all this cgi effects with no story to back it all up! I mean if I wanted to see all this cgi in a movie with no story I would go out and play a video game! At least there I could control what the character does and have a mediocre time doing it….

What’s funny is that Spy Kids 3D actually makes fun of games, but of course you have to be a gamer to really enjoy these jokes. One joke is when the kids are racing and call they it Megarace (which is an actual video game), then when they ask why do all games have lava in them and they go on this whole thing talking about the video games Halo: Combat Evolved and Metriod Prime, and finally there was this one about Sega and Nintendo. But even this is not able to hold up the movie. The rest of the jokes are ok, it’s just that the Grandpa has a lot of them and they don’t have a close up of his face or anything when he says something so it’s like he is saying it in the background, which no one is paying attention to!

I just hope that in the DVD of Spy Kids 3D: Game Over they cut all of the 3D effects out and just make it plan 2d so you can actually watch this film! The 3D was just god awful ugly! Trying to wear those glasses for basically the whole movie (except some 15 minutes at the beginning) is awful! You can’t even see the world of the game nor any other bright colors at all! What I thought would happen is that they tell you every now and then to take on and off your glasses, but no you have to keep them on for the entire movie, which ruins everything! I tried moving around the theater to see if it was my seat and no, nothing helped at all!

What I am curious to see is if the 3D effects look any better in HD Theater, but even that is unlikely…

Otherwise this movie sucks and I am telling you this now, PLEASE DON’T go out and see this movie, to support this horrible movie!

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