Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Review…Seriously

Cobwebs of Darkness
Cobwebs of Darkness

So this game came out about 3 months ago but due to wonerful things like school we shall review it now.

Many Spidey games have been since the first Spider-Man film all those years ago and some have been good and some have been bad. “Web Of Shadows” falls somewhere in the middle. The game seems like it was conceived right after Spider-Man 3 came out in theatres and took a little too long to develop and release in time with the movie. Continue reading “Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Review…Seriously”

David Jaffe: Marvel games need story; I agree


David Jaffe may not be a household name, but just so you know, he’s the genius designer behind the Twisted Metal series for the Playstation and is also known for God of War. On his blog over here, he was seen criticising the guys who make games for Marvel’s movies and their comics, too maybe. Now that he mentions it, who makes those games anyways?

Man speaks the truth as he opens his blog post with the following lines:

Please stop putting Spiderman games in big open sandbox environments where you swing around and do oh so slight variations on 4 pretty dull mission types (chase/race/collect/etc) and then once in a while toss in a boss fight and/or a somewhat unique mission.

I mean seriously, we get the point: we get to swing around and stuff, but please; more emphasis on the stuff and less on the goddamn swinging.

Jaffe demands that Marvel’s comics are ace, but the games are terrible and the biggest problem here is that they are “POWER-BASED” and not “STORY-BASED”. Marvel’s comics are known for their great stories and scripts, as he mentions the big man Stan himself. You’d wish the games would follow suit, but they have to be ridiculous affairs that throw you into this huge story with repititive missions and lack of any sort of direction whatsoever.

Check out the post!