Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Review…Seriously

Cobwebs of Darkness
Cobwebs of Darkness

So this game came out about 3 months ago but due to wonerful things like school we shall review it now.

Many Spidey games have been since the first Spider-Man film all those years ago and some have been good and some have been bad. “Web Of Shadows” falls somewhere in the middle. The game seems like it was conceived right after Spider-Man 3 came out in theatres and took a little too long to develop and release in time with the movie.

The games prominent feature is the ability to choose between right and wrong. The game allows you to switch between Spider-Man’s black suit and his traditional red suit. For those that don’t know when Spider-Man wears his black suit it slightly takes over and his instincts become darker than what they would normally be.

The gameplay kind of reflects this only you very rarely have the ability to make “dark choices” .  The black suit really just gives you a different set of skills to use for a certain objective. Ex: You can throw cars as black Spidey whereas Red suit would comment on the carbon footprint they are making. Throwing cars and not saving citiziens will earn you “Black Points” but I never really saw them do anything for the overall story of the game. After a boss fight the game offers up a “Choose Your Own Adventure” feature where you pick a Dark ending to the chapter or a Red ending.

“Shadows” uses the GTA free roaming game play like a few of the previous games in the Spidey series. You can sling around fighting random crime, do story objectives or learn new moves. As usual all the moves are 6 button combo that need to be pefectly timed and you learn about 30 of them so due to memory you really only use the XXXXX or YYYY combos.

The game’s got a variety of bosses although this is one of the major downsides of the game. Web of Shadows has a fairly normal difficulty level for the majority of the game and then suddenly you encounter a boss and its the hardest thing ever developed for a video game. You just have to constantly use the same moves over and over again and never let the boss get a move on you.

Overall the game is fun for the most part, worth a rent if you like Spider-Man games. Or you could use the money to buy Marvel Mighty Muggs instead.

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