Tech: GeForce GTX Titan Benchmarks: Real-World Gaming Performance

GeForce GTX Titan vs. MSI GTX 680 Lightning vs. HIS 7970 X. I also share some of my thoughts on the Titan, and I’d love to hear yours, too.

Intel’s 6-Core processors coming this very year


In what comes as a slap to the face of anyone who spent their year’s-worth of savings on a quad-core, Intel has announced that it’s devilish 6-Core processors will go into production as soon as this very summer, making a 2008 release very likely.

The first generation 45 nm processor, a “six-core Dunnington server CPU platform using Penryn architecture” will feature 16 Mb of L3 cache – pioneering Intel’s goals of phasing out its Core architecture and the Front Side Bus itself! Also, Intel unveils its mysterious “Simultaneous Multithreading” spell!

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Alfie iPod audio player: bad name, but badass looks

The Alfie audio player

Every now and then we get a wave of new iPods, so it’s only neccessary in the eyes of audio equipment manufacturers that new audio players must accompany them.

One of the latest includes this here, the Alfie iPod audio system encased in smooth looking piano-like black.

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