Transformers 2 coming in Summer 2009, Michael Bay confused

[UPDATE: Click here for the The Super Bowl Transformers 2 Trailer]


First off, it’s now official that Transformers 2 is hitting cinemas on June 29th 2009. That’s right, no Optimus Prime for you next year. The actual deal came early on with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, who decided on a sequel to this year’s hit Transformers. However, (fortunately or not) Bay appears to be preoccupied and may direct the film adaptation of 2012: The War for the Souls, and maybe the Prince of Persia movie. Wait, whah? Let’s clarify.

See, Michael Bay first confirms that he’s making a sequel for Transformers. Then news breaks out that he’ll also be handling Disney’s Prince of Persia, the movie. However, things are starting to look rather confusing now.

Bay now says that he may go for a pre-strike film. This unlucky movie can only turn out to be:

  • the film adaptation of Whitley Streiber’s 2012: The War for the Souls
  • the Prince of Persia movie (which is listed as a pre-strike movie, but now looks more like it’s geared for Summer 2009).
  • a home video. (Can’t trust a director who blogs. On the Internet.)

What choice will Bay choose? Why does it matter to us? How cheesy will the second Transformers be? Is this movie actually going to make some logical sense? Should Uwe Boll direct Prince of Persia? It appears that we must leave it to time to answer the questions now.

[Via /film]