The Zeta Project – Season One – DVD Review


Robots are people, too. At least, that appears to be the premise of this Batman Beyond spin-off from Warner Bros. and DC Comics, The Zeta Project. Continue reading “The Zeta Project – Season One – DVD Review”

Transformers Season Two: In 150 Words!


Autobots battle Decepticons in an anime style world. Autobots are allied with humans and the police. Both robot parties are after the ALLSPARK. Some young girl holds the key, literally, to helping the Autobots succeed against all things evil.

Silly, uninteresting, and dull, this is a definite pass for any fans of the old-school cartoon or the Michael Bay film. While an overarching story exists throughout the entire season, it’s hard to believe kids would care at all about the issues facing the Autobots.

This is one animated series not worth the time or money. Wait for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen coming this year. You’re time and money will be better spent. I know that’s my plan.

Transformers: Animated – Season Two gets a metal bending C. ‘Cause if you bend a metal pipe, that’s the shape it makes. Or a V, but that’s not a letter grade for something.

WALL-E: One of the Most Awesomest Animated Movie Ever!

WALL-E (3-Disc Special Edition)
Starring the voice talents of Jeff Garlin, John Ratzenberger, Sigourney Weaver, Fred Willard
Rated G
Running Time= 98 minutes

I loved WALL-E! It was visual feast for the eyes. A cinematic masterpiece. A prime example of creative ingenuity and technological genius. Why is it so good? There are many reasons, and I will share them after the jump. Continue reading “WALL-E: One of the Most Awesomest Animated Movie Ever!”

Who woulda thunk it – gecko in the news!

Living in a tropical area, gecko’s are a very common sght.

 a gecko

My maid must spend more time cleaning gecko “kaka” from my walls than she does cleaning my laundry (only becasue I run around in the same pair of shorts for a week).

But now, the lonely gecko has made news TWICE in the span of that many days.

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