Red Alert 3 – REMIX, an Official trailer to Laugh at

Continuing from yesterday’s post about the Fallout 3 PR campaign being absolutely abstract, Electronic Arts has released a new Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 trailer that begs the question of: what were they smoking?

While I totally did enjoy the REMIX video, I have to say that this came out of left field. Usually marketing campaigns stick to an idea and expand on it over time. This trailer seemed as if an editor was bored at 3am and decided to spice things up.

I still can’t wait for Red Alert 3. If it can maintain this over the top, campy feeling, it may just be one of the best games of the year.

Red Alert 3 has Tim Curry, I’m sold!

Our coverage of Red Alert 3 thus far includes sexy women in skin tight leather with big guns. Now it includes Tim Curry and a bunch of other “well known” actors. The latest trailer for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, looks to be like a high budget hilarious B movie! Time travel, Soviets vs. Allies, Albert Einstein – what more could you be asking for?!

This is pure awesomeness at its best. I’m so thrilled that EA seems to understand the Command & Conquer series for once! C&C Generals was a lame. C&C 3 brought the series back to its roots. C&C Red Alert 3 will explode into the glorious game of the year tier.

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