Red Alert 3 has Tim Curry, I’m sold!

Our coverage of Red Alert 3 thus far includes sexy women in skin tight leather with big guns. Now it includes Tim Curry and a bunch of other “well known” actors. The latest trailer for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, looks to be like a high budget hilarious B movie! Time travel, Soviets vs. Allies, Albert Einstein – what more could you be asking for?!

This is pure awesomeness at its best. I’m so thrilled that EA seems to understand the Command & Conquer series for once! C&C Generals was a lame. C&C 3 brought the series back to its roots. C&C Red Alert 3 will explode into the glorious game of the year tier.

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One thought on “Red Alert 3 has Tim Curry, I’m sold!”

  1. I loved this trailer and the cast involved in the project. Combine this with Maggie Q in Need for Speed and this is the golden age again for FMV in games all thanks to EA.

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