Want Psychonauts 2? So Does Tim Schafer

But will he do it? Before you dive into his mind, read the rest of this post.
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Brütal Legend, a video game review

Brutal Legend
To say I’ve been looking forward to Brütal Legend’s release is a great understatement. Continue reading “Brütal Legend, a video game review”

Dreamkiller: Psychonauts Meets Painkiller


You’ve explored peoples’ minds in Psychonauts, but have you committed mass murder in peoples’ minds as a psychologist? Thought not. Check this trailer out.
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Watch GDC 2009 Awards Live on G4, Tim Schafer is Hosting

header_mainG4’s X-Play will be airing the Game Developers Choice Awards on April 10th (the actual event is on March 25th), but why should you watch it? I’ll tell you: Tim Schafer.

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