MySpaceTV goes beyond borders

The popular social networking Web site MySpace is taking its MySpaceTV outside the US for the first time, as they penned a deal with London based Shine Group, a collection of creative TV companies helmed by Elizabeth Murdoch, the daughter of media titan Rupert Murdoch, who jus so happens to own MySpace via parent company News Corp.

“MySpace is essentially the world’s largest focus group,” said Travis Katz, head of MySpace’s international arm, when announcing the Shine Group deal at the recent MipTV conference held earlier this month in Cannes. “You can see what resonates with people and then take that content and blow it out worldwide.”

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Myspace Applications are here and StuffWeLike Jumps on IT!

I’ve never been a huge fan of Back when they first launched I didn’t understand the point of it. Social networking with all this random HTML code, I might as well be working on my own website! That’s at least how I got friends to visit StuffWeLike – want to talk to me, message me here.

My senior year of high school I joined the social networking crowd and I looking back it was silly for me not to have Myspace and Facebook accounts. In recent months, they have been made even more important to me because of their application capabilities. While we’ve had a Facebook application for months now, I’m proud to say we now have a Myspace application!

Both the Facebook and Myspace application feature our video player and all its goodness! Make sure to add it asap! 🙂