Canceled Hong Kong Phooey And Marvin The Martian Film Tests

Marvin The Martian live action film

I know fans of these characters will be disappointed that both Hong Kong Phooey And Marvin The Martian will not be making their big screen debuts. After watching the test footage below you’ll quickly understand why neither character alone would be able to pull off their own feature length film.

But in all seriousness how would you improve these films? Is there a right way to adapt Hong Kong Phooey And Marvin The Martian for the big screen? Let me know in the comments section below!

Hong Kong Phooey live action film

I think it’s always fascinating to see what the studios are testing. You can’t blame them for trying. They have an arsenal of popular characters and franchises that sometimes need to be let back into the limelight. The approach might be wrong, but there’s no reason not to at least try and see what sticks.

Marvin the Martian Movie; no really


That’s right, a feature-length movie on Marvin the Martian. Yes, that little Martian thing. Warner Brothers must be out of their minds, because I don’t see any way to profit from a movie on goddamned Marvin the Martian. It’s probably one of the most random pieces of news I’ve heard all month!

The movie will be a blend of live action and CG, which is even more confusing, because I can’t really picture Marvin in a live-action setting. Hell, I can’t Marvin well anyways. From whatever I’ve seen of him, he’s a side-character, a less important villain and mildly amusing. He would be the last person from the Looney Tunes roster I’d set a full film on. Even Taz would be a better choice! Or maybe not. No.

The plot will go something along the lines of Marvin wanting to destroy Christmas, and getting trapped in some gift box. With a plot like that, I can’t help but not get excited. I mean seriously, is that the best WB can come up with? I know this one’s for the kids, but seriously? Please, Warner: we want more superhero movies, especially like The Dark Knight and not some retarded movies on Marvin the Martian.