Gnomeo & Juliet – Movie Review

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Death Race remake trailer online

The original Death Race 2000 was a comedy. Granted it was dark and very sick with drivers including Sly Stallone racing from A to B performing hit and run’s to gain points. The remake is set in a prison and has almost the same with drivers going around a track in the prison for a television audience. The big bit missing is how you don’t gain points from running over innocents in the way of the race. Perhaps it was considered too dark for a modern popcorn flick but having Jason Statham in this movie is a huge bonus. Plus you have Lovejoy also in it.
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Dungeon Siege movie poster strikes!

Dungeon Siege poster preview

If you are a lucky inhabitant of this planet, you will have not heard of the movie named “In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale”, which is being directed by the much-hated Uwe Boll. And you are not incorrect if you’ve guessed that this game is based off of the phenomenally banal Dungeon Siege, by Microsoft – a game so utterly boring, I don’t even know why I own a copy.

Movies Online got their hands on the movie’s equally unoriginal poster. Check the poster out below. This is one movie I’m seriously hoping will suck!

Dungeon Siege Poster