Alfie iPod audio player: bad name, but badass looks

The Alfie audio player

Every now and then we get a wave of new iPods, so it’s only neccessary in the eyes of audio equipment manufacturers that new audio players must accompany them.

One of the latest includes this here, the Alfie iPod audio system encased in smooth looking piano-like black.

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Cool Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Bank

The only type of magic mushrooms you’ll see ’round us

Even after 23 years it never gets boring to see merchandise from gamings most loved franchise. How cool is this money bank in the form of a 1UP and Super Mushroom.

Want? Then read on, mushroom lovers.

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CES 2008: Wii Wireless Nunchuk from Nyko

Nyko wireless Nunchuk

While we love our gadgets we hate wires. They are the bane of technology; always getting tangled up as if by magic. So it’s a good thing Nyko has unveiled a wireless Nunchuk for the Wii.

There’s just one little problem. After stories of Wiimote related accidents in the home doesn’t this make the Wii’s controls even more deadly? 

Bloody Awesome: “Shark Gun” for your Wii

Shark Gun in action

Now, you might have seen plenty of gun mods for your Wii, and may even own one – but I’ll bet you you’ve never seen something like this. It’s called the “Shark Gun” and it is the perfect combination of the ferocity and deadliness of a shark with the ferocity and deadliness of a gun. You do the math.

It’s actually out for sale at DealExtreme for $10.86, which doesn’t sound like a bad deal for something to impress your friends with. Check out the back of the box, and its beautiful semi-Chinglish literature.

Shark Gun Box Back

“With lively appearance and smooth lines, shark gun makes you feel comfortable and gives you a strong sense of shark liked invincible force.”

Woah, okay – “Shark liked”? So we want to impress and attract sharks with this thing? There’s more stuff if you read closely. Then again, maybe I should be thankful, seeing as how I have encountered far more traumatizing English on product manuals.

Shark Gun Box Front

Talking Japanese Watch, talks Japanese


Remember those watches that taught you how to read the time by speaking it. Well here’s a Japanese version.Learning to read the time in another language, especially Japanese can be extremely confusing, so something like this is perfect for anyone heading out there.

While they may not be the most stylish watches around they certainly have their own retro charm, and neon’s mixed with dark colors is in fashion too. If your eyes can stand the brightness you can get one for $24 right here.